"Home is where the story begins"

From abroad it can be hard to (re)decorate your new or existing home. And if you are in Switzerland, you would want to enjoy your Vacation. Home Partner is able to help you change your home, to really feel home. From complete redecoration of your new home, so the only thing you have to do is turn the key of your new house to the replacement of your kitchen or restyling of your home.


We have transformed this basement into a private bar with home cinema. Comfortable furniture to enjoy a movie. A bar equipped with wine cooler and beer tap to have a good party with friends and family. Read more

We gave a finishing touch so that home really feels like home. The complete basement transformed into wine-bar including walk-in cooler, poker table and home cinema.

A new look for the living room. The owner of this chalet has given home partner the instuctions to make the living room look better and to organize it in a cozier way. A big group of people is now able to enjoy a drink near the fireplace.